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8 janv. 2014

Ceci est une traduction de cet article sur les robes cache-coeur pour le project wrap dress de Dibs. La traduction est faite par mes soins donc approximative... 


I stumbled upon  the flash mob Diane de Furstenberg made to launch her new perfume.

For those who might not know her, wrap dresses became famous because of her  in the 70's.

She even have two of her dresses  exposed in the Métropolitan Museaum of Art.

Let's get back to the flash mob.

Wrap dresses everywhere, in various and colorful prints !

You can see the dresses a little better in the making of, at 4"21.

I really love the 3 dresses in the right.  If I could find the fabric of the yellow dress, I'll sew it right away.

You can find  other vues of the dresses in this article from the blog Elawood.

On the DVF website, in the " wrap shop", I found some of the dress in the video like  the blue one withs clouds ou encorethe one with big yellow and white dots on black .

DVF dresses are not cheap but with all the existing wrap dress pattern, one can make is own version.

 - Like me with my beloved pattern Vogue 8379 :


Here is all my versions and the 118 others on Pattern review.

You can find some constructions details here and here ...
 -Like Sue by Sue who sew herself a wrap dress in striped knit from the  Burda  pattern 115/09/2006 :

You can find other versions on  burdafashion  and on pattern review

You have other patterns :

-Vintage Simplicity 7705 :

You can find this version and this one on burdastyle :

  - Burda  04/2011 mod 133/134

You can find other one here for the 134 dress and here for the 133, just scroll down

- Burda  10/2011 mod 123 et 122

 There is 5 versions on burdastyle, just scroll down.

  - The Hope wrap dress,with 38 versions sur Burdastyle

and so on....

I hope that this videos will inspired you to make loads of wrap dress !

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